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Science Fit Personal Training - Get Fit Fast

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initial consultation session includes:
  • 1 hour private consultation for only $50
  • entire facility reserved for you to ensure privacy
  • one-on-one education regarding the Science Fit training protocol
  • familiarization with Science Fit training equipment
  • private instruction during your first session
  • question and answer period following our session
  • no obligation to join
  • the per session cost of Science Fit personal training is commensurate with traditional personal training however the Science Fit protocol requires training only once or twice weekly rather than 3 or 4 times. Therefore your total investment is reduced to one half, one third or one fourth that of traditional personal training.

  • by training only 30 minutes once or twice weekly, the Science Fit protocol also gives you more of one of your most precious commodities... time!
monthly session plan A - once weekly
  • $200/month - includes one completely private training session each week
  • 4 sessions/month; a 5th session in a month occurs about every 3rd month as the calendar varies
  • the 5th monthly session will occur at no extra charge
  • average session price is $40-$50 (varies depending on whether 4 or 5 visits occur within a month)
  • no contracts - month to month membership only (starting on the day of the month member elects to join)
  • session day and time remains the same each week
  • sessions may be rescheduled by client request to accommodate needs as availability allows
monthly session plan B - twice weekly
  • $360/month
  • best value!
  • maximizes the benefits of brief and intense training while taking enhanced insulin sensitivity to another level
  • eligible clients must demonstrate adequate ability and fitness during once weekly sessions to be approved for twice weekly sessions
  • includes one completely private resistance training session plus one completely private low impact sprint training session each week or two completely private resistance training sessions weekly