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Resistance Training During Pregnancy

Does resistance training during pregnancy offer any benefits? Yes!

This topic was explored in the article "Resistance Exercise During Pregnancy Has Perceived Positive Effects." The article cites a recent PhD thesis by Karolina Petrov Fieril at Sahlgrenska Academy which found evidence that moderate resistance training during pregnancy relieves subjective pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nausea, insomnia and back pain. Objective improvements in trainees were also noted for blood pressure and heart rate. 

At Science Fit, corporate executive Toni Weinmeister experienced similar improvements from a modified resistance training regimen undertaken in 2015 during her pregnancy. With permission from her obstetrician, Toni performed a modified resistance training program that started in her 2nd trimester and continued through her 34th week of pregnancy. Subsequently she delivered a healthy baby girl and is now back at Science Fit training just as she always has... with low impact/high intensity! Way to go Toni!


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       Toni Weinmeister

       Toni Weinmeister